Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Were almost there...

Am I the only homeschool mom trying to find my balance in teaching 3 different grades at once. We are at the end of the year and things are finally starting to calm down. I HAVE MADE IT!!! Working with my ODD, ADHD, and Mood disorder (mentally ill) son has now come to a calm and I can work smoothly and finally get things done. This job of mine is sooo awesome and I would not change it for any fortune 500 job (though I must admit I haven't felt that way all the time). My endless nights and time spent on the computer trying to figure out the best curriculum for my right brain learner, how to engage him at his level, etc.I have spent the last two days going over the newly added program of more starfall @ and I am amazed at what we got. It is incredible the curriculum, the downloadables, everything, and I have 3 kids working simultaneously on it. This allowed me a great time to actually do unload/load dishes, laundry, and clean up. I LOVVEEE IT! Everybody doing their own no screaming no crying. Then the time of to begin the next activity.

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