Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Trash can end table

So lately I have been all over diys for the house I recently saw a youtube video of someone with an idea using dollar tree trash cans. She is the person whom inspired this one my apologies as I can't give proper credit.
So the idea is to take 2 metal wastebaskets and place bottoms together. I used floral wire in 3 areas to secure. Apt living is so small so I wanted to have usable space so I snipped the metal to create a makeshift door. I am going to wrap rope or fabric over the trash cans to cover the inside items. Then for the top a 2.99 clock from the 99 only store fit perfectly. Pictures soon only partially done

Shell art on a dime

A good friend decided to change her bathroom and bedroom decor to shells.  Fitting because I call her chele. Well I saw this art piece at TJ max but at a tag of $50 um not happening.
Recently I scored some painter's tape for 50 and our 99 only store started carrying home decor items. By the looks of this tape don't skimp. I have tried the dollar store tape but doesn't work as well.

The frame I took interest had a driftwood like back with vinyl letters on the glass. I bought 3 and went to work. Peeled the backing off and taped up to paint a blue square. This will be where we mount the shells. Letter removal is a little tedious and this first attempt failed as I broke the glass but I can't wait for the first al finish.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Prom season is upon us. Me and G went out searching for a dress. I had my idea of a princess dress and she had hers...mermaid style with front beads.

Dress after dress I kept revisiting the past racks and saw it.

A pinkish red mermaid style dress. Wow how did we miss it.
The size seemed to small though so this was one to try on.

It was one of a kind last one on rack guaranteed to be one of a kind. Problem beads started to unravel and there wasn't an extra bead packageattached.  So we got it discounted and Joann and Michael's became our go to spots.

After bringing dress home we realized so many more missing stones. Ugh. Nobody sold these stones anywhere.  Luckily we found a bracelet with similar style stones and some e6000 and thread we were all good