Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hard to start in the middle of a circle without retracing the outside

My 1st grader came into the 1st grade not knowing any geography, 5 senses, and so many more things that should have been brought up. So as review we have been introducing him to these things with my Kindergartener. Kids are resilient with maps and it is better to introduce now than later. My oldest who is now 11 was able to recite 11 states based on size, location, and name when she was only 17 months old. Since my son has sensory issues he refuses coloring, drawing, and writing. That leaves us with a pretty empty slate for learning but we took it out of the traditional mold of learning and with some leftover sugar cookie dough. The kids had a fun task before them: Continent cookies. Shape, cut, and cook to look like a continent after naming all 7 of them first of course. This was the end result...

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