Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Trash can end table

So lately I have been all over diys for the house I recently saw a youtube video of someone with an idea using dollar tree trash cans. She is the person whom inspired this one my apologies as I can't give proper credit.
So the idea is to take 2 metal wastebaskets and place bottoms together. I used floral wire in 3 areas to secure. Apt living is so small so I wanted to have usable space so I snipped the metal to create a makeshift door. I am going to wrap rope or fabric over the trash cans to cover the inside items. Then for the top a 2.99 clock from the 99 only store fit perfectly. Pictures soon only partially done

Shell art on a dime

A good friend decided to change her bathroom and bedroom decor to shells.  Fitting because I call her chele. Well I saw this art piece at TJ max but at a tag of $50 um not happening.
Recently I scored some painter's tape for 50 and our 99 only store started carrying home decor items. By the looks of this tape don't skimp. I have tried the dollar store tape but doesn't work as well.

The frame I took interest had a driftwood like back with vinyl letters on the glass. I bought 3 and went to work. Peeled the backing off and taped up to paint a blue square. This will be where we mount the shells. Letter removal is a little tedious and this first attempt failed as I broke the glass but I can't wait for the first al finish.