Friday, November 13, 2009

Easy Mini Flannel Boards.

I recently had bought some mini flannel blankets from the dollar store and didn't have any use for them. Then the bright idea began to flicker in this old, dusty, brain. I could use the flannel to make a flannel board.

4 things all you need.

flattened box
flannel blanket
Elmer's craft bond spray adhesive
and fabric remnant to cover the reverse side.

1. spray adhesive on top of box. Then carefully position blanket on top of the adhesive. Flatten smooth

2. Turn around and trim off edges of flannel blanket to not have overlapping sides when folded in.

3. Spray adhesive and fold sides in and top and bottom down.

4. Using a piece of fabric remnant cover the reverse seams for a more pleasing look.


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