Thursday, December 16, 2010

My sons inspiration today....

My 7 yo son asked if I would dine at the new grand opening of his restaurant of course it is a pretend but they are set up with fake food, table, silverware, etc.
So he tried his best to put the rolly food on the plate that moved all over. THen my thought.....Using stryafoam plates and bowls I could draw (well at least try to) food on the plates. Using my New Bic Mark It markers(provided to me so graciously by Hosties on Facebook for a previous party) I set out to do the impossible. I am so pleased with the outcome and now they will have to change their menu to accommodate my plates. =) I am going to add texture using our puffy glue for mashed potatoes and even bowls of soup.

Memory game with bottle caps...

Yes super cheap but my kids love it...We have owned at least 4 or 5 of those memory boxes but the cards end up getting lost and the kids never like to put them away afterwards. After a recent party and an abundant amount of bottle caps came this idea bottle cap memory game. Oh the possibilities..numbers with the number itself and the word matching games. So a recent trip to the dollar store and a sticker sheet later we set out to make these little things. Use old milk bottle caps anything.

Total cost $1

I find the kids love the clanging noise of the caps and don't have a problem with the clean up. They just throw them in a little bag and its ready for its next use.

Sensory Snowman partially finished!

So we have finally finished the Michaels's store inspired craft...The total cost for this was

3 $1 wooden certificate frames
1 $1 Picture frame pack with the rounded hook style eyelets and wire
1 $1 wrapping paper
Bows on hand

Total $5

Though we didn't here I would recommend modge podge if this is going as a gift. I can't get the link working but it is the last post under Christmas Project

Snow man creation is here....

We left out the glasses in the frame to encourage my kids to touch and feel the different textures of the snowman rounds. This would be a great gift for the grandparents to proudly display winter wonderland pictures of the kids, their works of art, etc. The best thing about this is with a little of fan back and forth folding it will tuck away super nicely.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Project

As Christmas is fast approaching we have embarked on yet another craft. This idea actually was inspired by Michaels craft stores...They are doing a weekly contest where they give you 3 things to work with you create it and then post a pic. Well I was too late for this one but the 3 items were

Picture frames, wire, and wrapping paper.

My originally idea was to take 3 picture frames and cover the outside in snowflake or plain wrapping paper. Adding a few coats of modge podge to the frames. Adding those full covered hook things to the bottoms and tops of frames to link the frames together. then adding a section of a snow man in each frame.

I just had to come up with a variation for the kids to do this one. It is a great sensory tool as the touch is different on each one. What they used...

3 pieces of cardstock for background
3 alternating circle shapes
shaving cream
leftover tile for coal eyes..