Thursday, May 19, 2011

Frugality pays...

I am not your typical unschooling mom. My children are enrolled in a charter school and we are allotted a balance to be used for each student per year. Well I am cheap. I refill my own ink cartridges at Walgreens (loved the awesome $1 deal they had). Buy my own curriculum at thrift stores and friends of the library are great!!and use the pletheria of websites to get free homeschool materials. We have been fortunate to use much of our funds for other skilled items like ballet, guitar, etc. Well, as frugal as I was I just started the program and didnt take advantage of the funds and was told you spend it now or lose it. In two days I had to come up with spending nearly $800 on stuff.. Poor planning but I am so excited. Right now we made our own Vennagram charts with sharpies and construction paper but now we have the whole shabang so those floating papers can now be recycled. Though I would've preferred more science kits we were told we coulnd't. So here is the spread we have with a few added guitar lessons. Better planning next year. Rosetta Stone for sure. Anyone else used it for their kids?

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