Sunday, June 19, 2011

Artist Canvas ===$1

We joined another family about 2 months ago to go thrifting to look for some outfits for the 4h fashion revue. Of course, G, found just what she needed but I found something rough, off white, and a huge panel of it. I had know idea but for 1.99 not something to pass up I thought for sure. So I showed my friend and asked her what it could be. My thought was to line fabric with it to give a stronger give to a purse the girls were doing in 4h sewing...then she said maybe it is for painting...Ahhh...I see. Okay, now here is my excitement for fathers day my husband wanted to go check out MIchaels!!! HOw cool is that!!!! We were going to take a stab at silk screening a few shirts with pictures of his music gear. So we checked out prices but waited and then I spotted it. (I should add that before we left I watched a youtube video to create a canvas....wood, mitered, measured, etc ughhh not up for that today) So you ask what was this of many gold mines that I found at Michaels. A wooden picture frame for $1!!!Can you see where my mind is churning? Here we have what it became...All for a dollar.

Imagine the excitement from your little ones artwork displayed museum style...

***I used actual canvas on mine but I am sure you could use virtually anything thick...Walmart has a twin sheet for only $5...imagine how many artworks you will have...

UPdate: This is what the first one was used for a bit of card stock, mod podge, and a picture.

yet another painted by my daughter to coordinate zebra print in her room..