Friday, May 20, 2011

Don't forget to ask!!!!

I am for sure not the shy type. So if I am out and about shopping and happened to land at hmmmm...lets see Michaels or something. I always ask if they have any coupons. More often then not the clerk will get it done. One clerk even gave me a 15% pass for all of my future shopping orders. So my response is always ask!!! I am sooo amazed at the extreme couponers and though I couponed I just dont have the patience. I am giving it another try and I do use them here and there. Like for a wedding cake topper @ half off. Oops spilled the beans. Here is my top deal today.

Walgreens has the Nova Max Plus blood glucose monitoring system for sale right now @ 10+ and tax and you get a $10 Register Reward. So for .09 Cents I got the nova max plus.

I also needed a refill on my ink and was prompt to use my $3 off coupon (which I asked for) but I needed to add more to the order a simple .39 snickers and then apply my $10 RR. My grand total was about .50 Cents with an extra candy bar.

So for less than $11 I got a
blood glucose monitor
a candy bar
refilled ink cartridge

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