Monday, May 16, 2011

Sooo bad with dates....

Ok so I am not the perfect person when it comes to dates. I still don't know any of my in-laws birthdays. Had the MIL and Greatgranma in law over for Lunch on Sunday after church only to find out that GGIL's birthday is on Tuesday. WHatt??? With our current nonexistent financial situation what can I do to pull of a grand party in hmmmm less than 20 hours. With a few trips to the dollar store. This is what we came up with. We will have a 5 course meal and prior to the meal is the centerpiece. Every guest will have a numbered envelope and the numbered envelope will correspond with the centerpiece...I have cleverly coined the Memory Tree. GGIL is celebrating her 92nd birthday this Tues. So there will be numbers hanging from the tree and with some sleuth work and google we have a detail or headline every ten years of her life. Each person will participate in sharing the info.

K here is the breakdown for the cost

black table cloth ---free this is a twin bedsheet my son bought for his quilt he will be making but we havent gotten to it yet.

$5.75 centerpiece- twigs and vase from a friendly neighbor (oh and the same wonderful friend's 13 year old pianist gave Great grandma a musical concert), 2--$1 pink tulips-$1 green leaves. 2 candle holders $2.50- pink sparkly tulle 1.25 Rocks on hand

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  1. I saw an episode of the Nate Berkus show where they pulled off a party from the 99 cent store. Pretty good idea, in my humble opinion.