Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pumpkin Toss stand

We recently had a mini pumpkin patch and since we needed a way to have the kids stay in line as the others picked their pumpkins this pumpkin toss was our creative imaginations that took place.

Using a leftover piece of wood that was also used for a luau themed totem pole toss; we painted the other side with pumpkins around the ovals. I made some flannel bean bags for the toss.

Total cost was $3----- $2 needed to buy the orange and green paint. $1 for a Harvest wreath that I found at the local thrift store 75 percent off (Not included in picture my hubby since recycled my wood to use as support under my daughters bed so he removed the nails) We used leftover cans of spray paint and the wood was recycled.

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