Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fall Sensory Quilt $7

This was an idea that I got from my daughters school.


4 bulb medicine droppers - I bought mine but you could probably ask a pharmacy for free

2 - 2pack White Hankerchiefs from $1 store

1 variety pack of Fall leaves form $1 store (also sold at michaels for $3)

1 bag of dried potpourri with sticks -$1

Fall paints (warer colors are best but any will do)

4 Cookie sheet

Place hankie in cookie sheet and have a variety of premixed paints with droppers in each. Take turns squeezing droppers of color onto Hankie. Let dry completely.

Once your hankies are dry glue the fall leaves and potpourri in random order. You can set it out first and then glue. Let dry...

If you are going to tie together cut 1/4" slits in corners about 1/4 from seem. Using ribbon tie in knot and connect your work of art. Although, I didn't think of doing this you could tie a longer piece of ribbon wrapped around a dowel on two outer edges and using nail at top can be hung .

Total Project Cost $7

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