Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Shell art on a dime

A good friend decided to change her bathroom and bedroom decor to shells.  Fitting because I call her chele. Well I saw this art piece at TJ max but at a tag of $50 um not happening.
Recently I scored some painter's tape for 50 and our 99 only store started carrying home decor items. By the looks of this tape don't skimp. I have tried the dollar store tape but doesn't work as well.

The frame I took interest had a driftwood like back with vinyl letters on the glass. I bought 3 and went to work. Peeled the backing off and taped up to paint a blue square. This will be where we mount the shells. Letter removal is a little tedious and this first attempt failed as I broke the glass but I can't wait for the first al finish.

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