Friday, November 12, 2010

Yeah me....another project to get OCD strike that creative with.

With limited funds and the never ending of two birthdays smacked in the middle of two holidays. We decided this year to put the two birthdays together for a grand celebration. We are opting for a carnival them party. My father in law recently passed away and was soo looking forward to come to the party so we will have to make this the grandest one so he can see it from way up in heaven. Oh did I mention I only have a budget of $200 (what I normally spend on one party so I may have to go over a little) to include food, drinks, prizes, planning, etc.

I have some ideas so far....


Camera Booth---Cardboard box lined with fabric

Strike alley-Coke bottles painted white with stripes

Balloon Dart- 4-3pk darts from $1 store and bag of Balloons

Duck pond Clearance on mini pool for $5 and ducks $20

Bottle Toss-Bottles (free and I didn't drink it) and rings (11.99)

Tic/Tac/Toe (owned game previously make new bean bags) $5

Dish Throw-using various dishes provide pennies for collecting dish..

Fortune teller-fish bowl on top of a silver pet dish lined with tissue and a person mimics a fortune teller with her crystal ball and reaches in to get a fortune cookie for person.. ($1 pet dish and fortune cookies-$4)

Hula hoop toss Hang hula hoop on swing set and have mini footballs for a touchdown. For advanced kids swing hoop left and right Hoop $1

Metal can throw- Metal diet drink cans painted red and blue to create triangle with 3 rubber racquetballs

Water gun fun- Using golf tees and ping pong balls create a shape and have children knock down balls

Fish ball toss ---using different color cups toss ping pong balls into cups and the colored cup wins.

Pie toss

Clown mask craft

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