Saturday, May 8, 2010

The beginnings to a Alice in Wonderland Party

This will be my first party since I was is on a Alice in Wonderland theme. I will be posting pictures along the way...

This is a combination birthday party for my husband and I. Our budget ius $200 which includes the food. So naturally thrifting and the 99c store came in first place for us. The mushroom is made with 3 tee ball practice balls wrapped in foil for form and then duct taped to secure the base was a lamp shade. The bottom was a boa that we had and broke. A little paint and voila.. The next treasure was this cute little watering can with great colors from the thrift store for $2. The flowers were from the dollar store and they had the greatest eyes. which I glued to them for the talking flowers..

Total cost for these items $7...Keep in mind I have extra product left over.... We will try to cut cost by shapping mushrooms out of newspaper

Update....I have just finished the madhatter hat and bunny ears thanks to for the how tos... Remember this is all on a budget so for the


Poster board $1

Heavy fabric for top $1

White fabric for base $1

Wire from walmart $3.50+ I have a ton left over Used maybe 1/16 of it.

glue stick for glue gun full package $1

sash fabric $1

Hat button pins - free used leftover buttons

Total= 5.21 still needs some spray paint

The Jacket is from Salvation army which was $5.50 and the pin striped pants were mine...(yes he lost weight and fits my pants)

For the bunny ears I used the leftover fabric and scrap wires I am sure metal hangers would probably work also... For the body I found a great hoodie when turned inside out has white fluffy hood and bodice so I will add the ears to the top of the hood. Found some great whit fluffy slippers for. 1.99 i have to make some white drawstring pants but I will use the fabric remnants from above.

My daughter is going to be Chesire cat and will wear a striped shirt with pink shorts and some striped tights...I am hoping to make a mask for her.

Hat total.......$3.43peach fabric
$1 Ididnt use it all not even half
.33 for 1 posterboard
.10 for ribbon trim $1 bag thrift store find
1.00 ream for the floral fabric
1.00 can of spray paint

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